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    Earn money and manage your original content using our unique dashboard and tools.

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    Creator Platform Apps including third party apps and social networking.

    Better RPMs

    We sell ads outside standard avenues and maximize RPM!

    Free Audio Library

    500,000+ Royalty Free songs and sound effects. Safe to monetize!

    Channel Promotion

    Promotion across our network for eligible videos.

    Bulk Management

    Manage descriptions and comments in bulk across your entire video library.

    Custom Facebook App

    Personalized app to engage and broaden your audience on and off YouTube.

    Sponsorship Opps

    Access to our proprietary sponsorship platform. Campaign CPMs up to $40!

    Better Partner Support

    Customized support for emerging creators! Dedicated management and support.

    Extra Benefits

    Free Spreadshirt upgrade, productivity tools, community forums, and more.

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What is Creator X?

Creator X is a YouTube Network backed up by Fullscreen. A YouTube Network, by our definition, is a grouping of like minded people who are passionate about bringing great videos to YouTube! ( creating the videos & backing up the creators with awesome support )

One of the main goals of Creator X is to provide YouTube Partnership to emerging creators who otherwise might not qualify for partnership through most traditional networks. We also provide an array of tools to our creators to position them for success & get them to the next level in their journey.

How many views do I need to apply?

We don't list a specific level of views because there are several criteria we check before you can apply & many important factors involved in getting approved as a partner. However, our requirements are geared toward emerging creators and comparable to other entry level networks.

Please enter your username in the Apply Form and it will check your views and some other things!

If you don't quite qualify to apply... the best thing you can do is work on making great content on a consistent schedule! ( at least weekly uploads ) Then, simply check back daily until you qualify. The threshold is very attainable, so just keep at it!

What are the general requirements?

The main requirements for joining Creator X are dedication & a willingness to create great content!

Otherwise, there is actually a long list of things we check before approving new partners. We can't list all of those things, but here are the most important:

1. No copyright strikes or disabled AdSense! ( YouTube does not allow partnership for any account that has not successfully appealed these. )
2. Videos getting views. ( We actually pre-qualify your monthly views, so if you qualify to apply... you've already met this threshold! )
3. Consistent uploads. ( In most cases we want to see at least 2 videos per month in recent months. However, this is flexible depending on other factors. )
4. Account history. ( We need to see some account history to get a feel for your content and engagement. 10 uploads or 30 days since creation. )

What are three important traits you're looking for?

These are the traits we're looking for... ( waves Jedi hand )

1. Willingness to create great content! ( Always trying to improve your skills. )
2. Dedication to making your channel a success! ( Consistently working on expanding your content offering. )
3. Communication skills! ( We want people who can be part of an awesome community & experience without friction! )

How much will I earn?

Every partner is paid based on actual channel earnings. There's no way to estimate this as it's affected by demographics, etc.

What is your CPM?

Every partner is paid based on actual channel earnings. We don't have a minimum or capped CPM. We instead do a revenue share (split) of gross earnings. This is the fairest and most viable way for a YouTube Network to operate. The exact % can vary depending on your channel and will be detailed within the proposed contract after approval.

When will I hear back?

If you're currently waiting on a reply, please be sure you sent us the right email address ( check for typos ) and check all your accounts including spamboxes! Quite often we've sent a reply already and the email was incorrect or it's sitting in a spambox.

Our standard response times are as follows...

Application review: 7 business days
Approval and age verification to contract being sent: 3 business days
Signed contract to YouTube approval: 1 day to 6 weeks ( 1 - 2 weeks in most cases )

Support replies via Email: 3 business days
Support replies via Twitter or Forum: 24 - 72 hours

( Business days are Monday through Friday excluding office holidays. )

Where can I get support?

Once your channel has been approved, you’ll be able to log-in and visit a dedicated Help Center with dozens of questions and answers. This offers instantly accessible answers in most cases. If you are not approved yet, or your question is not answered via this website’s help section or the Help Center, you still have several useful support options.

Contact us via twitter - We can help or direct you to the right place!

Contact your Partner Manager - This is the person who emailed you from a fullscreen.net email address upon reviewing your application. This is the best avenue for contract and account related questions.

We’re dedicated to providing great support, so drop us a line when needed!

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